Infrastructure for Software Delivery

Built in the ever-expanding Northern part of the city, upGround Park occupies a convenient position next to the Bucharest’s northern most subway station of Pipera, and a 25-minute car ride from the Otopeni International Airport, Romania’s main air gate. Besides space reserved for offices, our employees have access to recreational areas, underground parking lot and medical facilities, all completely secured and supported by state-of-the-art security and infrastructure.

  • Badge access control for all rooms
  • Smoke detectors throughout the building
  • 24h video surveillance (21 security cameras)
  • 24h guarded location

Blended Telephony Architecture

  • Optimal blend of PSTN (public telephony network) and IP telephony;
  • Primary carrier Equant
  • Back-up carriers Idilis and RomTelecom with automatic switch over

Fully Redundant Data Infrastructure

  • 2 ISPs (RDS and Equant)
  • Firewalls, routers, switches with infrastructure-wide redundancy


  • 200KVA diesel generator, providing emergency power to the building for 7 days continuously
  • 120KVA APC UPS
  • Fully automated switch over

Data center

  • 40 square meters (up to 18 cabinets)
  • Gas-based fire extinguishing system (time to extinction: 2s)
  • Redundant AC
  • 1200 ports
  • Structured cabling with 3M equipments
  • Electrical cabling with Siemens equipments
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