Software Service Offering for the Utility Industry

Increasing energy prices and the continuous consolidation between utility providers result in an unprecedented need for tighter control and insight into business processes, real-time acquisition and processing of field data, personalized end-user experience and an increased pressure on delivering more to the customer, as opposed to the mere cost minimization sought years ago.

Utility companies invest therefore heavily in IT assets to help them meet business objectives, and require their providers to show a deep understanding of their activity and constraints, as well as mastery at product development lifecycle.

Having worked for this sector for more than 7 years, Stefanini Romania applies its domain knowledge in the Utilities industry (Oil, Gas, Energy, Water, etc.) to help companies in this industry achieve and maintain competitive edge. We provide IT consulting, solution design, development, deployment and maintenance as well as services to energy companies, utility providers and independent software vendors serving the industry.

So far, we have gathered experience by implementing a wide range of software solutions for the Utility industry, among which:

  • billing and tariff management
  • data acquisition
  • usage measurement
  • energy metering
  • downstream operations management
  • water quality monitoring
  • personnel management
  • customer information systems
  • fleet management

Our end-to-end service offering for the Utility Industry includes:

  • IT consulting
  • application design
  • application development and maintenance
  • system integration
  • application testing services
  • infrastructure support services
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