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Outsourced Software Development Practices

Stefanini Romania derives competitive advantages from:

  • its continuously improved Software Development and Project Management methodologies
  • a fitted set of on-line tools supporting the day-by-day outsourced development activity - some tools developed in-house
  • its rigorously trained people, especially Project Managers and Technical Leads.
  • a proven track of adaptability - demonstrated over 11 years of working with hundreds of customers for software outsourcing projects.

Stefanini Romania has extensive experience in both traditional waterfall development, as well as agile development, where we have adapted the classic agile to fit geographically distributed agile development.

We pride ourselves on our adaptability, and where required, are always open to follow customer processes in our teams - with ideas for improvement derived from our collection of best practices. Hence, on customer requirements, our software development process approach may follow one of the models:

  • Agile Software Development (SCRUM, XP, TDD)
  • Waterfall Model

The Agile approach:

  • is more appropriate when:
    • requirements evolve and change during the project
    • the customer requires working code very early in the project
    • the application scope and requirements will suffer significant changes during the project life-cycle
    • o the outsourced agile team (nearshore) works in close cooperation with customer's own engineers (onsite)
  • both time & materials contracts and NDC contracts are suitable for the outsourced agile approach..

The Waterfall approach:

  • is more appropriate when:
    • complete detailed analysis for the whole project can be done -and is agreed to be done - at the beginning of the project
    • the application scope and requirements are well defined from the initial phase and it won't suffer significant changes during the project life-cycle
  • usually, the contract type for a project developed in a Waterfall approach is a fixed price one.

Both outsourced development approaches can be applied regardless of the technologies used (.NET, J2EE, PHP)

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