Application Management Services

We combine our deep and robust understanding of service management and best practices to serve as an agile and flexible partner for your business’ unique environment.

Our AMS provides solutions for businesses facing modern challenges of 21st century, including enterprise agility in disruptive business environments, legacy systems struggling with increased demands, limited core resources across multiple competing priorities or other key business, technological and sourcing challenges.

By increasing throughput, application uptime and productivity metrics, we will enable your enterprise to do more.

Stefanini’s Application Management Services (AMS) allow your business to prioritize talent, energy and resources to ensure that your business grows quickly and efficiently all while maintaining and ensuring consistent quality, functionality and longevity as you continue to scale up your business.

We will work with your company to create unique solutions that will continue to drive enterprise agility and transform your business’ digital experience. By changing the way AMS is done, we will help your business transform and thrive in a new technological era.


Application Management Services Offerings



We can put up and deliver:


  • Assessment and Advisory Services
    We conduct a consultative walk the talk approach to assess, identify and address the gaps and opportunities to continually uplift the maturity of application support services.
  • Applications Support and Enhancements
    We ensure ongoing management and support for your applications landscape, both packaged applications and/or custom applications.
    By combining the best practices of a Lean AMS with our extensive traditional IT support foundation we can provide agility and flexibility while maintaining the strong reliability expected from enterprise-level solution.
  • Applications Performance Management
    We proactively monitor, measure and enhance performance to deliver a best-in-class user experience.
    At the same time, we connect the application monitoring KPI’s with the business process KPI’s, understanding that the business is priority no. 1.
  • Applications Services Automation
    We leverage the deep understanding of the client landscape to provide the ability to automate key process areas of applications service management, to improve productivity, quality and service consistency. Our extensive toolset including our Sophie AI, RPA, machine learning and analytics allows us to provide fine-tuned solutions.
  • Applications Migration, Transformation and End-of-life Services
    The lifecycle of your applications should not impact your business during technology upgrades, transitioning to the cloud, deprecation or any other transformation.
    We can assist in ensuring the flow of your business, both by taking over existing and legacy solutions and as well providing technology update and transformational solutions to help build new or improved ones.
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