Self-Service Kiosks Solutions

Self-Service Kiosks Solutions

Stefanini Romania has the expertise to take your self-service kiosk concept from zero to full completion.

Our end-to-end Kiosk solutions include:


  • Custom Kiosk software development
  • Hardware sourcing
  • Kiosk Solution Maintenance 

When you decide to offer your products or services through a network of self-service kiosks, you want to make sure that you have one very stable, thoroughly tested and appealing application running for you on a reliable, cost-effective machine. We know too well how a small undiscovered bug in your kiosk apps or in the machine itself can alter your reputation in front of customers.

We deploy our kiosk solutions following 3 guidelines: simplicity, attractiveness and cost efficiency.

Any application can be as complex as one wishes it to be, but the real challenge is finding the proper way to keep it simple. Simplicity in a kiosk application applies equally to user interface, architecture and maintainability. For kiosk solutions, our usability experts discard anything less than straightforward and which cannot be grasped in less than a pre-defined time (agreed with the customer)

Our Agile development approach allows for rapid results and frequent changes in requirements, to accommodate your changing needs, and only develop what is truly needed on your kiosk. Add the fact that kiosk application development is performed nearshore, and what you get is a lean, cost-competitive solution to help you storm the market.

From designing the correct hardware profile to finding the HW provider who delivers the most kiosk for the buck, we turn hardware sourcing into an easy task for you. Whether you need a touch-screen, trackball or keyboard kiosk, and need to attach a printer, a card reader, currency acceptor, ticket dispenser or a photo camera, we can help you source and build the perfect kiosk for your project.

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