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Software Application Maintenance Outsourcing Services

Any software application serves its purpose only while it functions properly, and it is up to date with the latest functionalities a business needs in order to perform. Any hour of downtime or misalignment for critical software applications can lead to dissatisfied customers, less productive employees and the business not realizing potential revenues and profit.

Our Software Application Maintenance Outsourcing Services ensure ongoing management and support for your packaged applications (such as SAP and Oracle) and/or custom applications, thus improving their value and effectiveness towards your business goals. Through high-availability maintenance services you benefit from timely improvements in the quality of existing software applications, which can be offered as a mix between onsite, offsite and nearshore engineers. We apply successful patterns for transferring knowledge to our nearshore development team in Eastern Europe, such that productivity levels can be reached within reasonable periods of time.

Specifically, our application maintenance and support services address:

  • Implementing new features
  • Error resolution
  • Software application optimization
  • Software application consolidation
  • Remote service monitoring

Leveraging on our unique SPOC (Single-Pint-of-Contact) model and on extensive capabilities of delivering under merged business models and follow-the-sun deployment locations platform, we ensure that our Software Application Maintenance Services completely answer the requirements of customers in various industries and geographic locations.

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