Your application landscape is the foundation of your success – ensure you can rely on it !

Businesses are more dependent on software applications than ever before – and in an era of ever-increasing digitalization, this is only set to continue. As a result, the reliability of your applications can be the difference between success and failure. In today’s world, disruption is the new normal and you typically only get one shot to attract and keep a customer.

In order to meet the challenges of this hugely competitive environment, you not only need to offer the smoothest, richest customer experience possible, but must also ensure your applications behave perfectly, regardless of usage or traffic patterns. This can only be achieved by giving application validation and verification activities their proper focus.

That might sound like additional investment into application testing capabilities is necessary. And that might sound like a problem, given that businesses are increasingly looking to contain costs, which is putting pressure on IT budgets.

There is, however, an alternative. You can ensure your application landscape is totally reliable – as it needs to be – without significant additional costs. This involves an approach in which you still get the highest standards of testing activities, but you only pay for what you actually need, and only when you need it.



Stefanini is here to be your trusted partner for handling your application testing needs.


If your organization:

  • Has a limited investment budget and has prioritized product management and software development
  • Needs mature, professional testing processes and procedures but doesn’t have the budget to create and maintain these
  • Has fluctuating testing requirements, with busy and quiet periods
  • Relies on business users to run the acceptance of a custom application created by a third party
  • Wants to bundle testing activities with other services, such as DevOps, or hosting
  • Does not want to invest in the infrastructure needed for testing, such as the test environment, pre production environment or testing tools


Stefanini Testing Services can address your business needs.



Our offering includes the complete set of activities for validations, verifications, management and governance and tooling required so that your application landscape delivers the expected benefits


The types of testing we can perform (besides functional and non-functional testing) include:

  • Testing consulting services
  • Test automation
  • API testing
  • BI testing
  • Mobile testing




We are prepared to deliver value to your business


Stefanini’s unique combination of capabilities can deliver business value from day one:

  • Maturity and professionalism
  • Built-in agility
  • The needed footprint for right-shoring
  • Adaptability is in our DNA
  • Sourcing with ease






Here’s what you can achieve by using Stefanini Testing Services:


  • Reduced CAPEX and OPEX associated with application testing
  • Enhanced efficiency and effectiveness of the testing activities over the full lifecycle of the application
  • Reduced time-to-market of application and IT-enabled services
  • Decreased costs associated with application malfunction during production
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